The Saunders Group, Inc.

Founded in 1982, The Saunders Group was originally called Educational Opportunities. The early business began as a hobby of founder H. Duane Saunders, physical therapist. Duane had always stressed self-responsibility in his approach to treating back and neck pain patients. Because he believed in the importance of patient education, he began to develop educational materials and self-help products for physical therapists and patients.

In 1985, Duane was awarded his first patent¡Xa cervical traction device that eliminated the need for a chin harness.

By 1987, Educational Opportunities had added a line of self-help products to its offering, and printed its first catalog. Our primary market was physical therapists, who issued our products and educational materials to their patients.

Soon, the name Educational Opportunities no longer adequately described the variety of products offered, and in 1990, the name was changed. In the 1990's, Duane's ingenuity led to eleven more patents, enabling the creation of several unique back supports and a home cervical traction device. These products expanded our market, which now includes professional athletes, physicians, chiropractors, retail stores and catalogs, athletic trainers, and back pain sufferers.


Build on a strong 60 years history of physioengineering, Nakayamashiki has won multiple awards for their innovate health and support bandages. Little wonder,then, that they are the No. 1 selling brand in Japan.